• To represent, to bring awareness, to defend and Socialize.
  • To accomplish any function necessary to preserve the benefit of members with the view to alleviate their problems & help each other in common. To encourage and induce the growth of the industry.
  • To develop cooperation between members, to lead and help the Travel Industry through good ethic standards.
  • To be engaged on important legislative & regulatory issues that affect Travel Agencies.
  • To encourage members to abide by the Code of Ethics (Conduct) established by the Association to offer efficient & reliable fare quotation & travel information to the public.
  • To provide counseling and business information to members.
  • To elect delegates to participate in APJC Ethiopia meetings (Agency Program Joint Council) to propose to IATA regulation that govern Travel Agents in Ethiopia.
  • To mediate & resolve misunderstandings that may arise between IATA & members.
  • To create close relationship with Ministry of Culture & Tourism.
  • To create close working relationship with Airlines.
  • To provide relevant information on Tax matters.
  • To arrange awareness training on new IATA & other relevant regulations & assist in required compliance process.
  • To assist new Travel Agents on advisory level in processing IATA Accreditation.

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